POTUS TRUMP Must Demand Lie Detector Testing of All Top Level Employees and Move from White House Immediately


In President Donald Trump’s first 126 days in office, from January 20 to May 25, there were at least 125 news articles based on classified information that were published in prominent national news outlets, reported the Daily Caller.

A 24 page senate report, “State Secrets: How an Avalanche of Media Leaks is Harming National Security,” exposed a stunning number of Deep State leaks against this populist president.

Senate Library

The latest leak to the Washington Post was captured on President Trump’s flight from Germany back home to the US in June.

It could have been from an anti-Trump official listening in on the president’s call.

These leaks are treasonous, deliberate and constant.

President Trump must take immediate action.
The president must demand that ALL top level employees in the State Department, the Department of Justice, Intelligence, the White House, etc. to take lie detector tests or resign.

President Trump must also move from the White House.

He has plenty of options.

If Trump wants to stop the leaks and save his administration he needs to take action soon — or Deep State will take him out.

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