POTUS Trump to China President Xi: North Korea Nuclear Threat to End ‘One Way or Another’

Saturday, at the start of his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, President Trump referred to the nation as a “great trading partner” and asserted that the North Korean nuclear situation will be settled “one way or the other”.

The meeting was one of many extremely important meetings on the table for President Trump in Hamburg. POTUS’s meeting with Xi quite possibly might be the most critical as tensions regarding North Korea are reaching a peak.

North Korea’s largest trading partner is China and this gives the country a substantial amount of leverage over the Hermit Kingdom as it continues to create stress internationally.

Fox News reports:


Trump told Xi that putting an end to North Korea’s nuclear missile testing “may take longer than I’d like, it may take longer that you’d like. But there will be success in the end one way or the other.”

“Something has to be done,” the president also said.

Xi also spoke briefly, but his comments in Chinese were not immediately translated and available.
Saturday’s meeting also focused on trade between the two nations.

Trump said “many things have happened” that have created trade imbalances between the United States and China but “we’re going to turn that around.”

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