POTUS Rails Against D.C. Corruption: Change ‘Drain the Swamp’ to ‘Drain the Sewer’

President Trump took to Twitter Monday to rail against the corruption in Washington, D.C.

“Drain the Swamp should be changed to Drain the Sewer — it’s actually much worse than anyone ever thought, and it begins with the Fake News!” President Trump tweeted.

https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/889435104841523201?ref_src=twsrc% 5Etfw&ref_url=http% 3A% 2F% 2Fwww.washingtonexaminer.com% 2Ftrump-change-drain-the-swamp-to-drain-the-sewer% 2Farticle% 2F2629463

“Drain the Swamp,” was coined by then candidate Donald Trump’s campaign late in the presidential race and was a smash hit among the base.

The rebranding comes amid Congressional testimonies this week by Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort.

Fox News reports:

The president’s tweet came soon after his son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, released his statement ahead of his testimony before a congressional panel as part of its probe into Russian meddling and potential collusion with the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election.

Kushner wrote in his prepared testimony that he “did not collude, nor know of anyone else in the campaign who colluded, with any foreign government.”

“I had no improper contacts. I have not relied on Russian funds to finance my business activities in the private sector,” Kushner wrote, adding that he had tried to be “fully transparent” with regard to his security clearance form, which has been under scrutiny under recent weeks. Kushner acknowledged in his testimony that “there has been a good deal of misinformation reported” about his security clearance form, consistent with his father-in-law’s “fake news” sentiment.

Swamp creature and Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson, who was behind the Fake Trump-Russia dossier, will skip out of his hearing, claiming he would have pleaded the fifth anyways.


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