Polls: More Americans Have Faith in Pro Wrestling than the Liberal Mainstream Media

President Donald J. Trump did not let up on his assault on the liberal media on Sunday morning.

The 45th president tweeted out a video of himself body-slamming the liberal outlet CNN.

The video was a hit on CNN who he renamed Fraudulent News Network on Saturday.

He even dubbed in “CNN” into the video.

#FraudNewsNetwork #FNN


The media has had a rough time adjusting to this populist president.

In fact, more Americans have trust in professional wrestling than they have great confidence in the liberal media.

Gallup found nearly two in ten Americans (18% ) supported professional wrestling in 1999 poll:

Still, despite the hoopla, wrestling remains a preoccupation with only a minority of the American public. A new Gallup poll conducted August 16-18 shows that only 18% of Americans consider themselves to be fans of professional wrestling.

meanwhile, trust in the liberal mainstream media continues to shrink.
Only 16% of Americans have a large amount of trust in the national news media today.

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