Plane Banner Tells Gov Chris Christie to “Get the Hell Off Island Beach State Park” (VIDEO)

New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie is getting roasted after he was spotted at a state beach on Sunday after he closed it down to the public.

The Daily Caller reported:

GOP New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie enjoyed private access to a deserted stretch of the Jersey shore Sunday thanks to a government shutdown that prevented the public from visiting the beach.

Christie shut down the state’s government at midnight Friday after New Jersey’s budget plan failed to pass due to disagreements related to government regulation of the state’s largest health insurance provider.

The shutdown closed many of the state’s tourist attractions including public beaches and camping areas and furloughed an estimated 35,000 state workers. It did not, however, prevent Christie from enjoying private access to Island Beach State Park, a barrier island where the state-owned governor’s residence is located.

Christie was matter of fact when asked about his beach access by a reporter at a press conference Saturday. “That’s just the way it goes,” Christie said. “Run for governor and you can have a residence.”

Beachgoers cheered as a banner plane flew over Seaside Park as it headed north out of Island Beach State Park. The banner read, “Tell Gov Christie: Get the Hell Off Island Beach Park.” OUCH!


New York Daily News reported that Joshua Henne, a New Jersey-based political consultant, paid for the plane carrying the banner.


Video via JSHurricaneNews


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