Protesters BOMB State Police in Venezuela on Election Day – PEDESTRIANS CHEER (VIDEO)

Venezuela has suffered greatly since leftist hero and Marxist Hugo Chavez took control of the country in 2007 and ruled until his death in 2013. Nicolas Maduro took over the regime after Chavez succumbed to cancer.

Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world but the people are literally starving after a decade of Socialist rule.

Food lines in Venezuela are commonplace.

On Sunday the regime is holding an election to give Socialist leader Nicolas Maduro more control.
Turnout is light.


On Sunday afternoon a PNB (Venezuela Police) patrol that was clashing with protesters were bombed in Plaza Altamira.
The bombing was caught on video.

Local media also captured the explosion.

Authorities describe it as an IED.

Violence broke out in other parts of the city.

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