Ohio Democrat-Turned Trump Supporter: “This Guy is Actually Making a Difference!” (VIDEO)

On Tuesday night, the President held a jam-packed rally in Youngstown, Ohio and invited a Democrat-turned Trump supporter on stage.

Independent Journal Review reports:

After recently seeing him on Fox News, President Donald Trump invited one of his Democrat voters on stage to speak during a Tuesday rally in Youngstown, Ohio.

“This morning, I’m watching Fox News,” Trump said to applause. “And they had some people on, and these were Democrats who had voted for Trump.”

That was his segue into his introduction of a lifelong Democrat named Gino Difabio:

“But they had a man on this morning — they had a man on this morning who was a Democrat his whole life. He voted as a Democrat. But he voted for — I say ‘us,’ I don’t say ‘me.’ He voted for us in the last election, 2016. And they said to him, ‘So if the election were held now again, what would you do?’ And he effectively said, ‘man, would I vote for Trump again even faster.”

Finally, he brought Gino on stage — and the pro-Trump crowd absolutely loved him.

The Democrat was invited on Fox News Wednesday morning to share his experience and he made his views very clear; President Trump is “actually making a difference.”


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