NRA RIPS #FakeNews WaPo: ‘Journalism Dies at The Washington Post’ (VIDEO)

Monday, the National Rifle Association turned their sights on the #FakeNews Washington Post in a new video.

The NRA called out the paper and digital rag for encouraging and actively seeking the removal of all U.S. citizens’ gun rights.

Throughout the video, conservative talk show host Grant Stinchfield ripped into the Washington Post for their attempts to “tarnish gun owners in an effort to take away our Second Amendment freedoms”. Stinchfield adds that the “fake news outlet went so far as to make the blatantly false claim that the NRA had illegal ties to Russia”.

Stinchfield comments that the Washington Post “[does] more to damage our country with a keyboard than any NRA member combined has ever done with a firearm.”

In a powerful move, and in reference to the #FakeNews outlet’s slogan, Stinchfield says that “[the Washington Post]’s new slogan may read ‘Democracy Dies in Darkness’,” but it should say, “‘Journalism Dies at The Washington Post’”.


Watch the video below:

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