Nancy Pelosi Screws Up Oath of Office While Lecturing Reporters About Seriousness of Her Job (VIDEO)

It’s a miracle if House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi goes one week without making a gaffe. On Thursday, Pelosi opened her weekly address lecturing the press about the seriousness of her position. Despite being a member of Congress for decades, Pelosi screwed up the oath of office, forcing her to look down at her notes. 

PELOSI: “As you know, today we’ll be debating what’s called the minibus, minibus. Not an omnibus, everything, minibus. And it, on the subject of security, as you know, all of us, anyone who serves in government or civically involved takes an oath of office to protect and defend. Support and defend the Constitution of the United States. Our first responsibility is to protect the American people and our constitution. If people are not safe, how can we proceed in any other way?”

As always Nancy — Thank-you for the laughs! As long as you keep dishing it out, The Gateway Pundit will keep catching it.


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