Mother of Charlie Gard Shouts ‘What if it Was Your Child!’ At Judge After Ruling Charlie Will Die in Hospice Care

Connie Yates, the mother of Charlie Gard, left the courtroom today in tears following the judge’s proclamation that baby Charlie will die in hospice care if the parents and the hospital refusing to treat the infant do not reach an agreement over when his life support will be removed.

The parents of the infant are engaged in a long fight with the hospital over whether or not they will be allowed to take him home so he can be “surrounded by friends and family” following his removal from life-support.

These are the trappings of state-run healthcare and proof of its failure.

The Sun UK reports:

CHARLIE Gard’s mum has today fled the court in tears as a judge confirmed the tot will die in a hospice unless a deal is struck with Great Ormond Street by midday tomorrow.

Connie Yates – who is at the High Court alone – began crying and shouting “what if it was your child?” before leaving the hearing this afternoon.

A High Court judge was set to announce his decision on where Charlie will end his life after his parents and hospital lawyers took on a new legal fight – if the hospital and parents could not reach an agreement.

Charlie’s condition has, unfortunately, deteriorated to a level that cannot sustain treatment necessary as it would ultimately prove fruitless. The parents, Connie Yates and Chris Gard, decided to end their legal battle in an effort to get their son the experimental treatment he needed.

State-run healthcare is a fast track to death and sadness.


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