Monmouth Releases Another Trump-Bashing CRAP POLL — Same Far Left Group That Distorted Polls Before Election


Ann Coulter warned in her book Slander in 2003 that the far left main stream media always uses polls to push their agenda. Polls can be skewed by selecting an unreasonable sample size, by asking lead up questions or by selecting more of a sample population of one side of an issue to achieve a desired result.

The MSM skews polls to discourage potential voters from voting or to discredit and smear conservative politicians and has done it for years.

A good example of the media trying to shape a vote was in 1980. In a Gallup poll released on October 26th in 1980, two weeks before the election, Jimmy Carter was leading Ronald Reagan 47 – 39. Two weeks later Reagan won in such a landslide that Carter conceded before California was counted.


Another example of mainstream liberal media bias was in 1988. A Gallup Poll from July 26 showed Michael S. Dukakis leading George H. W. Bush by 17 points. Of course Bush went on to thump Dukakis in the general election in a landslide.

Before the 2016 election we pointed out that a number of polls showed Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by various margins. One poll reported by NBC/WSJ a few weeks before the election showed Hillary ahead by 11. However, that NBC/WSJ poll was created by a Hillary Super PAC.

We also noted that the Monmouth University poll was run by a Hillary Huckster who was caught manipulating a poll and then lied about it.

On Monday Monmouth was at it again…

Monmouth reported 4 in 10 Americans want Trump impeached.

But if you look at the methodology Monmouth only 196 in the 800 interviewed were Republican.
257 were Democrat.
That’s a 7% advantage for a party that just lost the 2016 election in an electoral landslide.
What crap!

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