“Model” Muslim Migrant Slits German Boss’s Throat

German hairdresser Ilona says she worked well with her Syrian migrant worker.

Then the devout Muslim slit her throat with a knife.

In the beginning, the Herzberg hairdresser, Ilona F., says, has worked well with her Syrian staff.

Ilona said she can’t figure out why he slit her throat but noticed that he was talking a lot about Allah.
Via Jihad Watch and translated from “‘Es gab für mich keine Anzeichen,’” Lausitzer Rundschau, July 12, 2017 (thanks to Gates of Vienna):

Could she have seen this attack coming? The hairdresser is always asking herself this question. And there is no answer. “Today I do not know what to think; until this Wednesday evening he was a kind man to me, until I finally believed that he would make something of himself, because I appreciated his qualities in technical terms,” ​​says Ilona F.

The Herzberg woman would not like to comment on the act itself, but her thoughts always revolve around the why. “Was I meddling too much? Was I too strong for him? Did we, my husband and I, organize too much for him?” These and similar thoughts are constantly going through her head. But there were no signs that the Syrian, who came from Damascus, might have had other plans. His mother, with whom Ilona F. was in contact, had written several times how grateful her son was for the opportunity he got and how much he respected the “boss.” “He personally assured me and my husband of this.”

Still, something must have happened to him that drove him to this bloody deed. “There was no sign for me that something like this could happen,” the 64-year-old recalls. But she admits he had changed in the past months. “We had invested a lot of time after the superlative beginning and helped him in every way,” said Ilona F. “We had plans. He was a great hairdresser, and the customers were very satisfied with his work. We believed that all would go well. ”

Even then, the change began. He, the Muslim, who so far had not appeared to be particularly faithful, had begun to speak more and more of Allah. This had already begun to get on her nerves.

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