Maxine Waters Threatens President Trump: “I’m Not Going to Tolerate Him… We’re Going to Lock Him Up!” (VIDEO)

Democrat leader Maxine Waters went off on President Trump and his cabinet officials in a speech on Saturday at the Essence Festival in New Orleans.

Waters called Attorney General Jeff Sessions a “racist” who “loved the KKK” during her remarks.

Jeff Sessions actually prosecuted Klan members while serving in Alabama but since why let facts get in the way.

Auntie Maxine threatened to “lock up” President Trump.

I don’t honor him, I don’t respect and I’m not going to tolerate him… He stalked Hillary Clinton. He got in her face. He called her crooked. And everywhere he rallied they said, ‘Lock her up! Lock her up!’ We’re going to lock him up!

Last week she wanted him exiled. Now she wants to lock him up. Auntie really needs to make up her mind.

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