Lou Dobbs: Deep State and Far Left Media Attempting Coup d’etat Against Trump (Video)

FOX Business Network host Lou Dobbs joined Sean Hannity last night to discuss the onslaught of attacks by Democrats and the liberal media against the US president.

Dobbs told Sean Hannity that the Deep State and far left media is attempting a coup d’etat against President Trump.

Lou Dobbs: The double standard is more than that by a long measure. This is an effort to subvert the administration of President Donald Trump. It is nothing less. It is an effort by the Deep State to roll over a duly elected president and a legitimate government and to break the will of the American people. This is no longer about Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, this is about a full-on assault by the left, the Democratic party to absolutely carry out a coup d’etat against President Trump.

Via Hannity:

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