LOL! Maxine Waters’ Twitter Account Reveals New Levels of Craziness

Since Donald Trump won the presidential election, Maxine Waters has been one of his most outspoken adversaries. Her harsh criticism of the President has afforded her nationwide coverage, with networks fighting over each other to stick a camera in front of her face.

As far as anyone can tell, Waters has done very little in Congress except accuse the Trump administration of colluding with Russia and call for the President’s impeachment. Waters has been a boon for conservative sites, racking up millions of clicks by showing all of the unhinged things she has said. It isn’t a stretch to say that virtually every media appearance she makes, a gaffe or two occurs. What has not gotten a lot of attention is Waters’ Twitter habits, which as you can imagine, are just as cringe-worthy as her television appearances.

A scan of the California Democrat’s “like” section of her Twitter account perhaps demonstrates her most bizarre behavior. Under conventional circumstances, the following “likes” would be a non-story, but unfortunately, it’s part of a larger trend. Maxine Waters is not only unhinged, and a poster-child for term limits, but scarily an elected official partly responsible for the peace and prosperity of the United States.


Waters agrees with David Chapman’s assertion that she doesn’t have the mental capacity to discern applesauce from poop. An odd tweet for anyone to agree with — unless, of course, you’re Auntie Maxine.

Waters also liked tweets comparing President Trump to Hitler and his election to a coup.

The Gateway Pundit has posted copious stories exposing Maxine Waters as the hyper-partisan, Russia-obsessed politician that she is. The Washington Free Beacon’s “Supercuts” of all Waters’ most recent gaffes is the perfect compilation showcasing her craziness — in all its glory.

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