Liberal Hack At Newsweek Writes Entire Article About Meme Posted Up For 10 Minutes at 12:30AM

How do you know it’s a slow day at Newsweek? When one of their writers feels the need to write an 800-word article on a meme that I posted (and then took down at request). Perhaps a somewhat tasteless joke, but a joke none-the-less.

In the struggle to get as many memes dispersed to the American public as news is continuously breaking, a poor joke slips in. All the more is true when you’re memeing at midnight before bed. Sometimes late night revelations result in combinations that would otherwise not go together – the discovery that peanut butter and potato chips are in fact a perfect pairing – other times, the exhausted mind re-posts a ‘controversial’  meme. That is when Alexander Nazaryan is summoned.

Smarmy liberal hack writer Alexander Nazaryan seized the opportunity to “write” a lengthy piece (write is in quotes as most of the article was plagiarized from Soros’ MEDIA MATTERS) on a meme that was posted for a grand total of ten minutes.

Highlights of the piece:

Nazaryan’s attempts at meme analysis:

The tweet — since deleted — was clearly intended as a slight at CNN and recent controversies surrounding its reporting. Perhaps unintentionally, Wintrich approvingly conflated Trump with Al Qaeda while casting CNN in the role of the 3,000 innocents who were killed that morning.

Nazaryan libelously claiming that I’m a member of the so-called “alt-right”:

Many critics of Trump saw this as further evidence that he would afford a platform to alt-right outlets that would, in exchange, eagerly promulgate his distorted version of reality.

Nazaryan analyzing my steady flow of memes against those RTd by President Trump:

Wintrich has been busy, in recent days, sending out tweets mocking CNN. These have been in line with the president’s own attacks, which came as Trump was preparing to meet with Russian leader Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, deciding how to best confront an emboldened North Korea and awaiting Senate action on the American Health Care Act.

And, lastly, the included comments from Jim Hoft and myself:

Asked by Newsweek Friday how he would explain what he meant by the tweet, Wintrich replied in an email: “Memes, as a new media art form, are open to interpretation. How would you explain it?”

Confronted with Wintrich’s tweet, Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft had a simple message: “I hope CNN won’t dox him.” The reference is to CNN’s tracking down of the Reddit user who created the professional wrestling image tweeted by Trump a week ago. Since CNN report did not identify that individual by name, it did not technically “dox” him.

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