Unhinged Far Left Activist Ambushes Jared Kushner With Russian Flag After Senate Hearing (VIDEO)

Far left hack, Ryan Clayton ambushed Jared Kushner with a Russian flag in front of the media on Monday as he was leaving his interview with the Senate Intelligence Committee. 

Ryan Clayton is a liberal crank who has pulled stunts like this before. Clayton lifted up the Russian flag and accused Jared Kushner of conspiring with the Russians to steal the American election.

“We don’t want billionaires buying our elections. Why are we letting foreign governments and foreign agents and people who conspire with them to stand in the White House next to the president,” Clayton screamed.


“We must do something about this! Impeach this president,” Clayton continued.

Ryan Clayton also called President Trump the ‘traitor-in-chief’ who should resign immediately. He also accused everyone in the White House of being ‘Russian agents’.

The liberals are merely the mentally ill of society who are obsessed with Russian conspiracy theories. There is ZERO evidence of any collusion yet they scream day and night about Russia.

This isn’t the first time Clayton embarrassed himself by acting like a lunatic holding a Russian flag. He was tossed out of CPAC for handing out Russian flags as he wandered around talking to himself with a Russian accent.

Video via NTK Network:

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