JUST IN: DC Buildings Evacuated After ‘Suspicious’ Car Crashes Into U.S. Capitol Barrier

News broke moments ago that a U.S. Capitol Police officer is injured after a car smashed into a barrier near the Library of Congress and U.S. Capitol Building. Buildings in the area have been evacuated following the incident.

Per NBC Washington:

Police are searching the “suspicious” car at Second Street SE and Pennsylvania Avenue SE. They used a robot to approach the car.

Several people at the scene yelled “fire in the hole!” as police “disrupted” the trunk of the car with a loud explosion in order to search it.

The officer and driver of the car suffered minor injuries. D.C. Fire and EMS are at the scene.

Information on the driver was not released immediately.

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According to the Sun UK, government buildings are being evacuated due to the accident.

Sun UK reports:

Witnesses reported buildings were evacuated from the area.

US Capitol Police said: “The U.S. Capitol Police are continuing to investigate a suspicious vehicle located at Second Street and Independence Avenue SE.

“As a result of this investigation, the following road closures are in effect:

– Independence Avenue between Washington Avenue SW and Third Street SE

– Pennsylvania Avenue between Second and Third Streets SE

– Second Street between East Capitol and C Streets SE

– First Street between East Capitol Street and Independence Avenue SE

“All staff and other personnel are directed to avoid this area until further notice.”



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