Jane Sanders Says FBI Investigation of Her and Husband Bernie Sanders Is ‘Incredibly Sexist’

An FBI investigation into Bernie and Jane Sanders that began in 2016 finally warranted a response from the wife of the former Democrat presidential candidate, which was: “I find it incredibly sexist.”

How creative . . .

The investigation into the Sanders continues to rage on after a year and a half and yet Jane Sanders only found this all to be “incredibly sexist”?

In a Boston Globe article on the story, Sanders’ take on the investigation comes off as follows:

The story is convoluted, but one thing is clear: Jane Sanders has had enough of Toensing and his tactics. “I find it incredibly sexist that basically he’s going after my husband by destroying my reputation, and that’s not OK,” she said in her first interview about the man responsible for an FBI probe that centers on her leadership at Burlington College, a small liberal arts school on Lake Champlain that she led from 2004 to 2011. The college closed last year as it struggled to pay its creditors and lost its accreditation.

The severity of the situation, which Jane Sanders seems to not grasp, leaks into Sen. Bernie Sanders’ political career and the implications are massive and far reaching.

NPR reports:

Jane Sanders is one of her husband’s closest political advisers. On the campaign trail last year, she took the stage with him regularly, from rallies in rural Iowa to his victory speech after the New Hampshire primary. In hotels on the campaign trail, she could be seen in the lobby working with campaign staff.

Things are not looking good for the Sanders camp at the moment, and Bernie’s liberal persona continues to unravel.


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