Iraqi Gunman Storms German Nightclub and Opens Fire with Machine Gun – At Least One Dead

An Iraqqi gunman stormed into the Grey venue on Saturday night at opened fire on the packed crowd with a machine gun.

Officials have not yet declared this a terrorist attack.
They say it may be gang related.

The Daily Mail reported:

Two people have died and three others are fighting for their lives after a man armed with a machine gun opened fire in a packed German nightclub, according to reports.

Revellers fled from the Grey venue in the city of Konstanz near the Swiss border after the 34-year-old Iraqi attacker burst in and opened fire at 4.30am.

Special forces and a police helicopter were sent to the scene with the gunman ‘put out of action’ in minutes.

He is thought to have attempted to flee from the club after opening fire but he was tracked down by elite commando units.

The gunman was shot by police and later died – with an officer thought to have been hit by a bullet during the gunfight.

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