VIDEO=> Reporter Confronts Maxine Waters About Her Russian Investments “That’s a Lie!”

Maxine Waters is one of the loudest Trump-Russia conspiracy nutjobs out there. All she talks about is Trump’s so-called ties to Russia and Putin with no evidence to back up her claims.

As TGP previously reported, it turns out that Maxine Waters has plenty of her own money invested in Russia.

According to Waters’ most recently available House financial disclosure documents obtained by GotNews, she held $200,000 in Russia-linked retirement accounts. Tsk Tsk!

GotNews reader Austen Fletcher followed up on their reporting about Russia conspiracy theorist and California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters—asking the 78-year-old, 13-term congressman why indeed she had over $200,000 in Russian-linked investments in 2015.


“We’re here protesting the ties to Russia. Maxine, what about your retirement fund ties to Russia, $200,000?”

“That’s a lie!” Waters says sternly as she immediately turns and walks away.

Maxine Waters acts so tough when she’s calling for Trump’s impeachment, but when she is confronted by ordinary citizens or reporters about her corruption and hypocrisy, she runs away.

Video via Fleccas Talks YouTube: (Maxine Waters comes in at 7:10 mark) Language warning

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