Hannity Slams “Liberal” Joe Scarborough in Epic Tweetstorm: “I Crushed Him on Radio and TV”

Conservative powerhouse, Sean Hannity slammed “liberal” Joe Scarborough Monday morning in an epic tweetstorm following Scarborough claiming Hannity’s nightly program is ‘state run television’.

Everyone knows Joe Scarborough is a liberal and a sellout, but there is something satisfying about watching Hannity shred him publicly.

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough took a shot at Fox News rival Sean Hannity on Monday, calling his nightly program “state-run television” during a segment about the latest developments in the investigation into links between the Donald Trump campaign and Russia, Washington Free Beacon reported.


Sean Hannity started out by calling Scarborough out for his visceral hatred of POTUS Trump just to please elites and Mika. Hah!

Hannity then brought up that cringe-worthy music video Scarborough made with Mika and said, “I crushed him on radio and TV. #epicfailure”

Hannity said Scarborough sold his soul in order to keep his job at MSNBC and brought up Greta Van Susteren who recently decided to leave the network.

Hannity finished off his tweetstorm by calling Scarborough a beggar who desperately wanted a job at Fox News. OUCH!

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