Gov. Chris Christie Booed By Entire Stadium After Catching Foul Ball at Mets Game (VIDEO)

Things can’t get any worse for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. After his disastrous decision to spend the day at a private beach during a state shutdown, it feels like there is nothing Christie can do to salvage his reputation.

While at a Mets game on Tuesday night, the former presidential candidate caught a foul ball and was promptly booed by the entire stadium.

Rough! reports:

St. Louis Cardinals shortstop Paul DeJong has made a habit out of killing the Mets, so getting booed at Citi Field is probably to be expected.

Except it wasn’t DeJong being booed in the third inning on Tuesday night. Yes, DeJong was at the dish, battling with Mets’ starter Rafael Montero in what resulted in a 10-pitch at-bat when the boos rained down, but the target of Mets’ fans ire was someone sitting a few rows behind home plate: Chris Christie.

The embattled New Jersey governor and noted Mets fan nimbly caught a ball DeJong fouled off. Although he looked a little more like Bartolo Colon than Derek Jeter trying to catch it, the governor was able to easily reach out to his left and make a barehanded grab without leaving his seat.

That’s when the boos began, and boy were they hearty. Fans didn’t even seem to care about his goodwill gesture of giving the ball to a kid a few rows behind him.


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