Gorka Defends POTUS’s Transgender Ban: Military Exists To ‘Kill People and Blow Stuff Up,’ Not To Be Socially-Engineered (AUDIO)

Dr. Sebastian Gorka has been on a tear lately, battling the  as he calls it. The White House official told ‘BBC Radio 4 Today’ on Friday the military ban on transgenders is about bolstering its readiness rather than mirror society.

DR. GORKA: “The military is not a microcosm of civilian society. They are not there to reflect America. They are there to kill people and blow stuff up. They are not there to be socially engineered. We want people who are transgender to live happy lives, but we want unit cohesion and we want combat effectiveness.”

Mediaite reports:

White House aide Sebastian Gorka defended President Trump‘s transgender military ban by arguing about how the army is not meant to be “a microcosm of civilian society.”

In an interview with BBC Radio 4, Gorka spoke about how people in the military are already under enormous pressure, and Trump doesn’t want to “force [transgender people] into the hierarchical military environment.” Gorka cited studies about the transgender community’s suicide rates as he talked about how Trump announced the ban out of “warmth” for them.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, White House Deputy Assistant, Sebastian Gorka savaged CNN’s Anderson Cooper in a fiery exchange over how the fake news media is hyping up the 20 minute meeting Donald Trump Jr. had with the Russian lawyer.

Anderson Cooper brought up the White House being in “bunker mentality” or “crisis” mode over Donald Jr.’s meeting with the Russian lawyer. Gorka began by saying it’s fake news and laughable.

Gorka: “We are pushing the Make America Great Again agenda. The president is a steam locomotive that will not be stopped. It’s just fake news. I’m sad to see CNN fall to this. I know you want salacious, sensational coverage for your ratings, so your corporate sponsors and owners will have more money. But that’s not media, that’s not reportage, it’s just fake news.”

“I’m just going to ignore the insults, because I don’t think it gets us anywhere,” Cooper replied.

“It is not about you,” Gorka said. “It is about actually having journalism back on TV. Where are the Walter Cronkites of yesteryear? This is just about ratings and money, it is really quite sad.”

Watch the feud below:

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