Gay, Black Videographer Harassed At “Queer Liberation” March

“Go suck something, a d*** maybe” says one of Portland’s anti-Trump marches to run-and-gun videographer Demetrius Cooper. Cooper runs the rapidly growing Airliner World & More channel on YouTube, as he’s been taking video of countless wackjob, “antifa”, and other leftist organizations’ events in the Portland area.

At a protest/march that appears to be sponsored by something called the “Queer Liberation Front”, Cooper is lazily confronted by a few folks in the crowd. One of which is what appears to be an overweight female with the standard bandana over her face.

The interaction starts at about 1:45 in the video, and played out as such:

Overweight Female: Go suck something, a d*** maybe

Cooper: What?

Overweight Female: Go suck something. A d*** maybe. (Overweight Female appears to be under the influence of some kind of downer)

Overweight Female: Ok, I’m gay anyways, so, yeah. Maybe you should like, eat a salad.

Overweight Female: I do eat salads, all the time.

Cooper: (pans camera down) Really?

Overweight Female: Yeah, really. I’m actually a vegan.

Cooper: HOW are you a vegan? (in disbelief)

Overweight Female: How are you gay?

Cooper: Ya know, I ask myself that a lot. I guess a lot of guys find me attractive.

Overweight Female: How can you (unintelligible)… (as she starts to cower away)

You may remember Cooper as the one who took a “transgendered” “antifa” protester to the ground a few weeks ago, after the protester started to swing on him.

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