GATEWAY PUNDIT EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Rising Star Senate Candidate Shiva Ayyadurai

Last evening, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Massachusetts Senate Candidate Shiva Ayyadurai to discuss his candidacy, and the pushback he is currently receiving from both the establishment right and the left. The full interview is viewable below the excerpts.

On Inventing Email

Currently one of the biggest claims against Ayyadurai by the left is that he is not the “true” inventor of email. These claims have been propelled by digital publications from TechDirt to Arstechnica to the now defunct cesspool that was Gawker. Publications Time Magazine and CBS, on the other hand, have properly credited him. Roughly11 Minutes In.

Protocols for messaging existed way back in the 50s by Western Union. To put it simply, I converted the inter office mail system into the electronic version. Forwarding, BCC, all those features. They key word there is system – we’re not talking about the simple exchange of text messages. I never claimed to be the inventor of electronic messaging, what I did do is create EMAIL. When you log in to your email, you see inbox folders, outbox folders, and you need all those components to communicate. The bottom line is that I converted that system [from an analogue one], wrote fifty-thousand lines of code. Every modern feature. Thousands of people saw this, we were into open innovation. I called [the system I created] e-mail, a term never before used in the English language.

On Communist Elizabeth Warren & Her “YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT” Speech

Roughly 21 Minutes In.

We’re talking about an idiot you didn’t build anything. She’s a lawyer/lobbyist who made from foreclosures, who made money as a self-serving elitist by stepping in line in front of someone else who actually SHOULD have gotten that job at Harvard. […] She checked off that she was a Native American [to get that job], the problem is that she’s NOT a Native American. This was a collusion; Harvard got to say they got a nice Native American there, and she and her husband got to work at the same institute. Thats how she got in, and THAT is how she works. This woman has no business talking about how she cars about people.

What this woman cares about is herself. I have been fighting [people like her] all my life. I fought these people back in India, the “upper cast” who believe they know everything and everyone else is stupid. And that’s what Elizabeth Warren thinks, she thinks she knows better. But I know that YOU know better, and that’s a fundamental difference.

If you look at the founders of this country, they were children of the Enlightenment and they believed in us and our creator. […] They did not believe in centralized government, they believed in the individual. This guys were soldiers, blacksmiths, innovators, architects, they were not fake career politicians. That is what Elizabeth Warren is. That speech was anti-American. She’s saying “we believe in the centralization of power” which reduces the individual to nothing.

On Howie Carr Inviting Him On To Attack His (Singular) Arrest

Roughly 34 Minutes In.

The Massachusetts GOP was upset when I first voted for Trump. Howie Carr and another guy are the two main radio stations that reach all the working class people in Boston. I was the first declared [Republican] candidate. Then the Globe and Herald is Boston MSM. Despite all of them, we kept getting all this press (holds up list of coverage). […] Howie has had Geoffrey Diehl (A Republican challenger) on there seven to ten times. Before that appearance, Howie went on his talk show and started attacking me – for two hours. Then they suddenly called me and said, “do you want to be on the show?” I asked them if they were going to have me on their show as a normal person, where I can actually talk, like they did for Diehl ten times. This was a set-up. I still decided to go on, but I was told that Carr is a bully and a coward, that he is “going to try to distract you from the actual issues, from [Elizabeth] Warren. He kept lying; he claimed that I said he was sleeping with a woman: FALSE. he claimed that I said I’ve never been arrested: FALSE.

Watch that show, they’re manipulating my mic – as I’m yelling at him to bring us back to the issues, his producer cuts us out. The photo that Howie pulled up, it was an arrest that took place but was OUTRIGHT dismissed. Not by me, but by both the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the person named in the complaint. This was never an issue in the media until Howie pulled it up – he took ads out [using that photo] claiming that I beat someone up. I’ve never beat anybody up my entire life, and I never would, and anyone who would should be prosecuted to the highest extent of the law. […]

[What Howie did] is fake news, false accusations. I fight for truth.


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