Federal Prosecutors Accelerate Probe of Shady Land Deal Pushed By Jane Sanders

Federal prosecutors have recently stepped up their probe of the shady land deal pushed by Bernie Sanders’ wife, Jane Sanders. 

Socialist crackpot Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane Sanders have lawyered up amid an FBI investigation into potential bank fraud.

TGP previously reported the FBI was investigating Jane Sanders over a sketchy land deal she spearheaded while she was president of Burlington College, ultimately bankrupting the school.


Via Washington Post:

A federal investigation into a land deal led by Jane Sanders, the wife and political adviser of Sen. Bernie Sanders, has accelerated in recent months — with prosecutors hauling off more than a dozen boxes of records from the Vermont college she once ran and calling a state official to testify before a grand jury, according to interviews and documents.
A half-dozen people said in interviews in recent days that they had been contacted by the FBI or federal prosecutors, and former college trustees told The Washington Post that lawyers representing Jane Sanders had interviewed them to learn what potential witnesses might tell the government.
The questions from government investigators, as described by those who were interviewed or received subpoenas for documents, suggest the investigation is focused on Jane Sanders and alleged bank fraud, and not on her husband. But the inquiry could nonetheless create a political liability for the senator, who was a candidate for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination and is the progressive movement’s most popular leader.
Bernie Sanders doesn’t take it well when questioned by the media over the bank fraud investigation. CNN’s Erin Burnett brought up a recent report stating Jane Sanders has hired lawyers amid an FBI investigation about a land deal she was involved in and Bernie Sanders came unhinged and played the victim, claiming to ‘go after people’s wives is pathetic’.
Bernie Sanders also blamed Republicans for the FBI investigation, telling Chris Hayes:
“Do you know where that allegation came from? That allegation came from the vice chairman of the Vermont Republican party and Donald Trump’s Vermont campaign state director. That is an absolute lie. But you know, that’s what you expect from the Trump administration and people associated with Donald Trump,”
Bernie Sanders’ wife, Jane Sanders also tried to evict disabled people out of their group home instead of negotiating a transfer of the disabled residents before the school took over the property in a shady land deal she spearheaded, according to records obtained by conservative watchdog group, Judicial Watch.
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