FAKE NEWS=> CNN’s Chris Cuomo: It’s Okay if Ukrainian Govt Meddles in Our Elections, but Not Russia (VIDEO)

One of President Trump’s attorneys, Jay Sekulow spoke with CNN’s Chris Cuomo Wednesday morning about Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with the Russian lawyer.

As usual, Chris Cuomo makes up his own laws claiming it’s okay if the Ukrainian government was working with Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election, because they aren’t Russia. Makes sense. Jay Sekulow smacked down Cuomo quickly by saying, “that’s not the law.”

Cuomo: “You don’t let Russia interfere in American elections. You don’t do that.”

Sekulow: “I want to ask you this question…the Ukrainian government was giving information to the DNC and to Hillary Clinton’s people on who? Donald Trump. So we’re acting as if this doesn’t happen..”

Chris Cuomo immediately defended his Queen Hillary by saying it’s different for her to work with a foreign government because it’s Ukraine and not Russia. Really Cuomo? Please cite the law.

Cuomo: “Ukraine is not Russia, okay? You can get oppo research from whoever you want”

Sekulow: “You just said if it’s the Ukrainians it’s okay, if it’s the Russians, it’s not. That’s not the law.”

After Cuomo gets hit with some cold hard facts from a lawyer on the actual law, he stutters as he once again mentions that Ukraine is not Russia. We know Chris, we know.

Hillary Clinton not only coordinated with Ukrainian government officials during the 2016 election, she also had a secret meeting with a Chinese ambassador. But that’s okay because Hillary can do whatever the hell she wants without reprisal from the fake news media.

Video via NTK Network:

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