CAUGHT “RED HANDED”: #NeverTrumper Geoff Diehl Pretends He Is Pro-Trump – PHOTOSHOPS Handshake W/ POTUS [UPDATED]

As previously reported: The Gateway Pundit has gotten our hands on a series of memos detailing RINOs in Massachusetts stealing Trump campaign voter data and colluding with top Democrats to regain power in an effort to quell the sort of political reform that Trump touted during the campaign trail. We will continue to publish this information as we have an opportunity to go through an analyze the documents.Our last report on this subject matter involved the revelation that RINOs in MA have set Elizabeth Warren up with a weak candidate in the 2018 race to guarantee her another term in the Senate before, ultimately, her run for the presidency. Many of these notes will deal with their shady tactics and the misinformation their campaign is spreading.

In these newly released documents, it is revealed that Geoff Diehl using stolen data from the Trump campaign to pander to Trump’s base. In his latest attempt, he has hilariously slipped up; to prove that he is “good friends” with the President, Diehl sent out a picture of him shaking hands with Trump… There is only one problem… not only is it a fake image, but when he was doctoring the images of the alleged “handshake” he forgot to clean the image up – leaving a lone dis-embodied Trump hand flipped and in the background.


Immediately, what is needed is a direct and complete renunciation and expose’ of this Designated Loser of the Establishment and Fake Trumper Geoff Diehl, who is mis-presenting himself as the MA Trump Co-Chair, which is completely untrue as Vincent DeVito was the ONLY MA Trump Chair. Concomitantly, other immediate legal steps against this Fake Trumper need to be taken since he is using stolen and misappropriated property of the Donald J. Trump Campaign for President, in raising money for his campaign.

What’s most egregious (and exposes his stupidity or hubris, or both) is that this Fake Trumper has released a picture of himself shaking hands with President Trump at an October 2016 event. The problem is that the picture is a FAKE — has been PhotoShopped. It’s included below, and we’ve had an independent Forensics Lab in Cambridge, MA, review the picture and write an independent third- party report. The local media of the Boston Globe, the Boston Herald, WRKO and Howie Carr, are all promoting this Fake Trumper. Notice the extra hand in the image? The FAKE TRUMPER cannot even doctor an image properly, how is he going to win against Warren?

Long time Trump-supporter and “real Indian” Republican Senate candidate, Shiva Ayyadurai, was made aware of the altered image and hired tech forensic firm TechFusion to investigate. Their findings have come back as positive – the image was not only Photoshopped, but poorly Photoshopped at that.

Via TechFusion Document:

Based upon the examination as set forth above, this photograph has been modified, altered or photoshopped. Techfusion utilized 3 other pictures of the same event to place the relevant photo into context. No one else was in close enough proximity for the disembodied hand to belong to another person. The lighting caused shadows to appear on the floor, but their absence creates inconsistencies concerning the relevant photo. The distance between President Trump and Diehl does not correlate with the distance at which the handshake would occur. The disembodied hand is a mirror image of President Trump’s right hand.


A Diehl supporter and member of the media reached out claiming that the digital forensics report is incorrect and that the photographer of the photo vouches for its authenticity. The Gateway Pundit was then forwarded a video of Shiva Ayyadurai on the Howie Carr show. Howie Carr dismissed the doctored photo before bringing up Mr. Ayyadurai’s arrest after a domestic dispute [below].


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