So Edgy… Politicon Far Left Jackass Calls POTUS Trump: ‘Orange 45 the Kremlin Controlled Carrot’

The only humor the left is peddling today involves nasty put-downs and over-the-top smears of Republicans — especially Donald Trump.

Best selling author Ann Coulter spoke on a panel at far left Politicon this year. Ann shared the stage with two other far left hacks, Guy Benson, and a far left moderator.

humorless far left sidekicks who accused her of making a fortune for peddling hate and some loser who called President Trump “Orange 45, the Kremlin Controlled Carrot”. For some reason the audience cheered this insult.

Every once in a while it is enlightening to sit and listen to the hatred spewing from the left.


The best line of the entire panel was Ann Coulter slammed the leftists on the panel,

“Don’t sit around whining about your hate mail. So far on the panel I’m the one who’s been called a hater. I’ve been called a xenophobe. I’ve been called a few names and you don’t see me crying.”

The worst line was far left jackass and comic(?) Greg Proops, who works for Rolling Stone,attacking Trump with crass insults.

“Orange 45 the Kremlin Controlled Carrot is the most sensitive snowflake in the world. He can accept no criticism. He’s mad at Mitch McConnell. He’s mad at Jeffrey Bouregard Sessions (a play on the Confederacy)…”

It was amazing to watch the two leftists on the panel hurl insults then play victim. It’s a perfect display of liberal thought today in America.

Mike Cernovich filmed the segment.

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