Drone Footage Shows Sad and SHOCKING Decay of Baltimore (VIDEO)

Baltimore continues its decline as a city while the ghettos grow further inflamed by the increasing violent crime rate.

The following video by a YouTube user named “Stock Board Asset” shows us through drone video footage the reality of some of Baltimore’s most violent and grotesque areas.

Watch the video below:

Baltimore’s rise in violent crime continues to be such a frequent occurrence that the Baltimore Sun created a “daily homicides tracker”.


The Economist reported back in early July that Baltimore’s murder rate is currently setting “unwanted records”.

“IN MOST places in America, murders are rarer than they have ever been before. Baltimore is not one of them. On June 12th the city witnessed another six killings. That raised the number of homicides in the city during 2017 to 159—the highest recorded mark by that stage of the year since at least 1990, even though the city’s population was much bigger then than it is now. If weighted to reflect the murder rate’s tendency to climb in the hot, fractious summer months, Baltimore is on track to see more than 400 killings this year.”

Parts of the city truly became a strange and near-dystopia wherein the homes are shambles, no one is on the streets, and trash and debris line the sides of the roads.

This is a city under liberal control.

THIS is the future liberals wants.

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