Donald Trump Jr. SLAMS NBC’s Chuck Todd: ‘Hold My Beer’

Donald Trump Jr. absolutely dominates Twitter with his hard hitting, witty tweets against liberals, especially the liberal media.

Donald Trump Jr. is always on the front lines defending his father and Americans from the attacks by CNN and other left-wing propaganda outlets.

Don Jr. took to his Twitter account Thursday to attack NBC’s Chuck Todd over ANOTHER Trump-Russia reference.

Chuck Todd tweeted out, “A trashing of the American press corp and intel community in Eastern Europe of all places. Could Putin have asked for anything more?”

Chuck Todd was referencing President Trump’s speech in Poland where he said only 3 or 4 intelligence agencies agreed over the Russian interference assessment, not 17 as reported. Trump also slammed fake news CNN, which of course they deserve for their nonstop lies, propaganda and targeting of a private citizen.

Jr. responded by saying, “CNN: Lets corner the market on anything stupid and overly sensational!!

NBC: Hold my beer.”


Donald Trump Jr. has been slamming fake news CNN since their attacks on an anonymous Reddit user who created an anti-CNN wrestling meme.


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