Dershowitz: “I Don’t See Any Crime” That Donald Trump Jr Committed (VIDEO)

Lawyer and lifelong Democrat, Alan Dershowitz told Newsmax Wednesday that he doesn’t see any crime committed by Donald Trump Jr. in regards to his meeting with the Russian lawyer. 

Alan Dershowitz was asked if he thinks Donald Trump Jr. did anything illegal or inappropriate. He responded by saying, “I don’t see any crime at this point. I think if there was any coordination, even if the worst case scenario as far as we know now is the Russians get in touch with Trump Jr. and say we have some dirt on Hillary Clinton…and he goes and gets the information.”

Dershowitz goes on to explain that it’s exactly what the New York Times in the Pentagon Papers. “That’s what the Washington Post did and many other newspapers did with information from Snowden and Manning.”

“You’re allowed legally to use material that was obtained illegally as long as you had nothing to do with the illegal nature of obtaining the information,” Dershowitz said.

Donald Trump Jr. has been transparent about his meeting with the Russian lawyer. He released the entire email chain on his Twitter account and spoke with Sean Hannity on Fox News Tuesday evening, giving straightforward answers to every question.

Hillary’s camp colluded with Ukrainian government officials during the 2016 presidential election, but the fake news media refuses to talk about that.

Video via Newsmax:

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