Cultural Enrichment: Hamburg Terrorist is Palestinian Refugee Who Was on Germany’s Watch List (Video)

On Friday Palestinian Islamist “Ahmed al H.” went on a stabbing spree in Hamburg, Germany.

One person was killed in the Islamist attack.

Video at the scene shows passers-by fighting the Islamist attacker with chairs in the street.

The killer could not be deported from Germany due to his lack of papers.


One in five Germans now has an immigrant background.

Via Gates of Vienna and Religion of Peace:

As reported earlier today, a young culture-enricher went on a jihad rampage in Hamburg today with a large knife — possibly a kebab knife — killing one person and wounding five others.

Egri Nök has compiled a report on the day’s events in Hamburg, and the official response.

Hamburg Jihadi a Palestinian Refugee

by Egri Nök

The attacker who today killed one man in a supermarket in Hamburg and injured six other people, one of them gravely, was a Palestinian “refugee” named Ahmed al H., according to the German newspaper Tagesspiegel. He was born in 1991 in Saudi Arabia [or the U.A.E.] and came to Germany as a refugee.

Although he was due to be deported, he couldn’t be, due to his lack of papers.

He is reportedly known to German intelligence agencies as an extremist, and as a so-called “risk” — one of those assessed by German intelligence agencies as willing to commit acts of violence.

According to Bild, the refugee accomodation where H. was residing was raided this evening by police.

A video shows passers-by fighting the attacker with chairs.

There will be a police press conference tomorrow at 12:00 PM CET that we will report from.

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