CROWDS CHEER POTUS TRUMP at US Women’s Open “We Love You Mr. President!” (VIDEO)

Bedminster, NJ – President Trump made history as the first sitting U.S. President to attend the U.S. Women’s Open.

President Trump rolled up to a cheering crowd as he exited his motorcade, waving to fans. People were screaming, “We love you Mr. President!”

NJ reports:


Trump got to the course at 3:40 p.m. Friday, fresh off a trip to Paris for Bastille Day ceremonies.

After Air Force One landed at Newark Liberty International Airport, the president’s motorcade headed for Bedminster and drove through the heart of Trump National, past a crowd of fans near the putting green and the clubhouse. Trump could be seen waving out the window as the motorcade rolled by, then headed for his home on the property, which sits adjacent to the 15th hole.

Less than two hours later, Trump made the short trek to the skybox that’s been built behind the 16th tee, receiving cheers and applause along the way. He occasionally wandered toward the box’s windows to point and wave to fans, while the Secret Service and USGA officials handled crowd control outside the box.

USGA officials repeatedly asked the crowd to keep quiet in order to avoid disrupting play, which was taking place just yards away.

President Trump exited his motorcade to a cheering crowd. People went wild capturing pictures and video of the President as he smiled and waved to everyone. The Secret Service had to keep quieting the crowd down because they were so excited!

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Crowd goes wild when President Trump waves to fans from the skybox:

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