Conway: We Work For An Unconventional President, That’s a Compliment to POTUS (VIDEO)

Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox News Friday to discuss the firing of now-former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and took the time to comment on the singularity of President Trump as a United States president.

Conway sung the president’s praises while commenting on the departure of Priebus who says he’s “always going to be a Trump fan” despite his recent firing. This is the type of unconventional White House the President is running and it’s the type of White House that got Scaramucci so excited and eager to join in on the great changes in America that POTUS is seeking to enact.

Conway stated:

“The fact is that every place of work, I believe, has to understand the rules, the structure, the protocol, the pecking order, and follow those rules. But I also will say to you, Martha, that we all work for an unconventional president – and that’s a compliment to the president.”

Following her initial statement, Conway went on to discuss the President’s goals and his determination and how he is someone that she would NEVER bet against:


“He vanquished sixteen opponents who were formidable, he had all the odds against him and people are counting him out after health care? I would never bet against Donald Trump. He’s not gonna allow the misvote by the Senate last night to stop him from providing relief for all these Americans who are suffering. He’s not gonna allow personnel changes to get in the way of tax reform or pushing back against these MS-13 gangs like he did today.”

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