Conservative Groups to Wage War on Far Left Southern Poverty Law Center, SPLC Promotes ‘Terrorism’

A new coalition of conservative groups, which the SPLC label as “hate” advocacy groups, are launching a new offensive Monday accusing the SPLC of “fueling hate, killing free speech and . . . encouraging terrorist-style attacks” against their ideological enemies.

The start of the effort will begin Monday with a video and coordinated/planned “tweetstorm”, which will take aim at the SPLC’s “hate map”, which identifies groups that they allege support/promote “hate and extremism”.

The “hate map” features groups like the KKK but attempts to smear conservative/right-wing groups/non-profits that go out of their way to promote traditional marriage, enforcement of immigration laws, or other policies that are not in step with SPLC’s views.

It is about time that someone stood up to this violent group.
The SPLC is linked to several violent acts in America.


Craig Stephen Hicks
Craig Steven Hicks is a raging progressive leftist who fed on a steady diet of liberal media.
Then he murdered three Muslims. Hicks was a fan of the Huffington Post, Rachel Maddow, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and Freedom from Religion Foundation.

An LGBT volunteer carrying bag of Chick-Fil-A sandwiches shot up the conservative Family Research Council headquarters in August 2012.

Floyd Corkins was influenced by the Southern Poverty Law Center hate group.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The campaign, revealed to Secrets, is being led by the Washington-based Family Research Council, the social conservative policy giant whose entrance guard was shot in 2012 by a man inspired by SPLC’s hate map that listed FRC as an anti-gay “hate” group.

“Despite SPLC’s baggage — which also includes connections to two liberal gunmen – they continue to be cited as a credible source by mainstream media and others. With SPLC in the spotlight, we must expose this organization for what it really is – a left wing smear group who has become exactly what they set out to fight, spreading hate and putting targets on people’s backs,” said a note to supporters from FRC, which also noted the support for the SPLC of the gunman who shot up a GOP congressional baseball practice, seriously injuring House Majority Whip Steve Scalise.

The effort follows a big win by the groups this month in getting the influential group GuideStar, which rates charities for contributors, to stop including SPLC hate “flags” in their reviews.

Over three dozen conservative representatives wrote in a letter to GuideStar, “The ‘hate group’ list is nothing more than a political weapon targeting people it deems to be its political enemies.” Among the signers: Eagle Forum, FRC, National Organization for Marriage, former Reagan Attorney General Edwin Meese, Heritage Foundation, Immigration Reform Law Institute, and Judicial Watch.

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