Speaker Ryan’s 200 Day Deadline Is Fast Approaching with Nothing Accomplished for Working Americans

President Donald Trump won the November 8, 2016 election in an electoral landslide.

President Trump captured several states that have not voted Republican in decades.

Riding on his coattails the Republican Party also won back the House of Representatives and won a majority in the US Senate.

In December 2016 Speaker Paul Ryan spoke about how he would help the new president push through his agenda.

The new Republican president wanted to pass tax cuts, repeal Obamacare and build a border wall in his first 100 days. 

But no matter how hard President Trump and his team worked, the Republican Congress was not going to work with him.

So on March 8, 2017 Speaker Paul Ryan told Tucker Carlson that Congress had a 200 day plan to guarantee the president’s agenda would be passed.

Speaker Ryan told Tucker Carlson:

Let me just give you a sense of what we’re planning in the first 200 days:

* Repealing and replacing Obamacare, the biggest reform in a generation.
* Overhauling the IRS Tax code.
* Rebuilding the military.
* Doing infrastructure.
* Repealing harmful regulations.
* Repealing Dodd-Frank and the Choice Act which would replace it.
…and funding the wall is part of this too.

But little to nothing has happened in spite of Congress being controlled by the same party as the President. 

Last night Tucker Carlson stated the obvious: Congress Has Done Nothing


Speaker Ryan’s Congress began its first session on January 3rd, 2017 which means Speaker Ryan’s 200 days come to an end next Saturday, July 22nd. 

What has Congress accomplished?  None of the above other than some regulations being lifted. 

Obamacare is still in place and crushing Americans with huge insurance premiums and deductibles. The US tax code has not changed and Americans and American companies remained burdened with one of the world’s highest tax burdens.  (The President proposed massive tax cuts that nearly all Americans are in favor of and yet nothing to date from Congress.) The US infrastructure is still broken.  US Airports are worse than some third world countries.  Rabid far left judges think they have the right to set the nation’s immigration policies and overturn Supreme Court rulings and Congress does not impeach.  The list goes on and on.

Late last year during the election Speaker Ryan said that he would not defend President Trump, now or in the future, and it looks like he is standing by that promise.  Congress should have replaced him on day one because of these statements.  Instead here we are with nothing material accomplished by the Speaker’s Congress.

There is so much to do.  President Trump wants to help Americans but this Congress just plain does not want to be a part of any of it!  The President is doing all he can for the American people but this Congress is a disgrace!  The Democrats are obstructionists and certifiably insane with Russian fever.  The Republicans are worse because they own the House and the Senate and yet can’t get any significant bills passed.

Failed Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have blown an entire half year and accomplished nothing.  When will they be replaced?

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