CNN Host Compares POTUS Trump to Vladimir Putin Over a Tweet (VIDEO)

CNN’s John Berman had to keep the Trump-Russia story going for ratings so he compared POTUS Trump to Vladimir Putin over his tweet attacking CNN, calling the similarities between the two ‘disturbing’.

Berman was speaking with David Drucker of the Washington Times about President Trump’s upcoming visit to Europe where President Trump will be meeting with Putin in Germany.

Berman: “One of the questions is, David, can the White House, can the President stay on message this week? And I suppose the sub-question to that is what is the message this week because we’re entering the week and he seems to be attacking the media. That can’t be the message he’s taking with him to Europe.”


Drucker: “Yeah, but I bet him and Vladimir Putin will have a good laugh over that because they both like to attack the media.”

Berman: “You joke, you joke but then you know, the fact that there’s any similarity there is deeply disturbing, right because Vladimir Putin goes after the members of the media completely.”

Of course Berman left out that his own network, CNN closely resembles the old days of Pravda, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, by pushing the fake news Russia conspiracy theories simply to attack Trump AND for ratings. CNN’s similarities with communist propaganda is what is disturbing, not President Trump defending himself from the liars in the media.

Trump’s CNN tweet was hilarious and triggered the liberals exactly as intended.


Video via NTK Network:

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