CNN Doxxer @KFile ROASTED On Twitter, Shows ZERO Remorse

After CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski threatened to dox a Reddit user over a now-infamous pro-Trump wrestling meme that bashed CNN, Kaczynski took a good look at the internet firestorm his actions caused – and decided now was a good time to tweet about vending machine pretzels. 

Even worse–It turns out that CNN has targeted the wrong person! Analysis of the video shows evidence that the wrestling video President Trump posted to his Twitter account did not originate from this particular Reddit user.

Showing no remorse whatsoever for what many legal analysts have called felony coercion, Kaczynski was promptly torched on his Twitter account @KFile for his tone deaf post.

Whether Kaczynski is ultimately fired or not, CNN has some major questions to answer about how it obtained the Reddit user’s information.

One popular theory postulates that CNN, owned by Time Warner, used their relationship with Time Warner – a popular internet provider – to track the user down using his IP address, possibly obtained by Reddit administrators.

With so many questions surrounding the #CNNBlackmail story, a criminal investigation into CNN and their reporters must be opened.

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