Chuck Johnson PUBLISHES Letter He Received From Senate Intel Committee Over Russia

The Senate Intel Committee has recently requested GotNews founder Chuck C. Johnson to interview about the false “Russia Hacking” narrative, Trump, and Clinton’s email scandal.

Via GotNews:

Thanks to the fake news media, especially CNN and The Washington Post, the U.S. Senate itself is now on an expedition to find non-existent proof of collusion between Trump and Russia — and it looks like they’re going to try and ensnare Chuck C. Johnson in the mess they’ve made!

Johnson demands a public and open interview so that the American people can see what he’s got to say for himself.

Johnson is preparing for a legal fight and is in talks to hire famed attorney Alan Dershowitz. This battle will require significant resources.


This is how powerful the fake news media — really, an arm of the Democratic Party — is. They don’t have any power over the American people, but they sure do have power in the swamp sewer that is Washington, D.C.! But the fake news media is about to learn what happens when they attack a real fighter for the truth, America, and President Donald J. Trump.

Donate here to help Chuck C. Johnson fight the Senate’s fake news attacks and put a stop to this madness about Russia, Trump, and Hillary’s illegal e-mails once and for all.


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