Brooklyn Welfare Queen and Mother of 3 Brags About Not Working and ‘Raping the Government’ (VIDEO)

Brooklyn Welfare Queen and Mother Of 3 Doesn’t Work Because She’s “Proudly Raping The Government!”

Welfare queen: Get out of here, b*tch. F*ck the government. F*ck Trump. I’m gonna rape that sh*t sitting on my a$$… Guess what? This b*tch is doing better than you, b*tch. You’re on your feet all day b*tch. All day… Get the f*ck out of here. You go and work. I’ll sit on my a$$ while you go and work.”

What a lovely young woman.
Aren’t you glad you’re paying for her to sit at home on her a$$ and collect taxpayer dollars?

This was posted at World Star Hip Hop:
(WARNING on language)


Hat Tip Jeffrey

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