BREAKING – Senate Intel Committee to Seek Testimony From Donald Trump Jr

As TGP previously reported, the fake news media has their knives drawn over Donald Trump Junior’s meeting with a Russian lawyer during the presidential campaign. Never Trumper and GOP Senator, Susan Collins even called on the Senate Intelligence panel to interview Don Jr. 

Reuters announced Tuesday that a Senate source revealed the Senate Intel committee will seek testimony from Donald Trump Jr., however; the date is still unknown at this time.

Why isn’t the Senate Intel committee seeking testimony from Hillary’s aides over their collusion with Ukrainian government officials? Hillary Clinton’s aides met with Ukrainian government officials and journalists specifically to dig up dirt on team Trump. The information gathered was then sent to the DNC and Hillary’s camp.


Reuters reports:

The U.S. Senate’s intelligence committee is seeking documents from Donald Trump Jr. and intends to call on him to testify before lawmakers, a Senate source told Reuters on Tuesday after Trump Jr. released an email chain citing Russian support for his father before last year’s U.S. election.

The source said there is no date set yet to hear testimony from U.S. President Donald Trump’s eldest son, and that the committee is in the process of sending Trump Jr. its request for information.

The bottom feeders at The New York Times got another anonymous tip from deep state officials that revealed Trump insiders met with a Russian lawyer to discuss adoptions from Russia.

–And Deep State officials leaked this to the NY Times.

The group that organized the meeting with Trump advisers and the Russian lawyers was the same Democratic group Fusion GPS that was behind the discredited Trump dossier.

Donald Trump Jr issued a statement regarding his meeting with the Russian lawyer:

Donald Trump Jr. beat the #FakeNews media to the punch and released the ENTIRE email chain of his conversation with Rob Goldstone on a meeting with a Russian lawyer.

Donald Trump Jr. released this statement on Tuesday morning.

The email chain shows the full discussion with Rob Goldstone to set up a meeting with a Russian lawyer on June 9, 2016.
Nothing came from the meeting.
The lawyer does not work for the Russian government.
The meeting lasted 20 minutes.
The entire story is another big nothingburger.

And Donald Trump Jr. beat the media to the punch – so they can’t publish any more screaming headlines on this 20 minute meeting.

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