BREAKING: Secret Memos Reveal Never Trumpers & RINOs In Elizabeth Warren’s Pocket In Massachusetts

The Gateway Pundit has recently gotten our hands on a series of memos detailing RINOs in Massachusetts stealing Trump campaign voter data and colluding with top Democrats to regain power in an effort to quell the sort of political reform that Trump touted during the campaign trail.

Due to the number and scope of these memos, which were recently compiled by Trump loyalists, we will be publishing segments of them in multiple articles. One of the first, and most troubling, concerns RINOs in MA setting Elizabeth Warren up with a weak candidate in the 2018 race to guarantee her another term in the Senate before, ultimately, a run for the presidency.

RINO-DEM-MEDIA COMPLEX SETS UP WEAKLING AND FAKE-TRUMPER AS DESIGNATED LOSER TO HELP WARREN WIN – The RINOs in MA, led by the MA GOP Establishment of “Never Trumper” Charlie Baker, are working in collusion with the DEMS & Media. They are planning to tee up a 2018 “victory” for Elizabeth Warren by delivering her a Fake Trumper as her opposition candidate in the 2018 US Senate Race. The Fake Trumper, who has ZERO chance of winning, will provide Warren a much-needed sound bite of ” … beating a Trumper in Massachusetts ….” to launch her 2020 presidential bid against President Trump.

WHY IS THIS BEING ALLOWED BY THE ESTABLISHMENT GOP OF MA? Charlie Baker seeks to guarantee and seal up his 2018 re-electon for Governor. His disloyalty to President Trump — in particular, his “Never Trumper” efforts of 2016, where he publicly renounced President Trump, by stating he would “…not vote for [him]…”, has now put Charlie Baker in a very risky situation. Hundreds of thousands of Trump Loyalists in MA are likely NOT planning on voting for Charlie Baker. Baker won in 2014 by only 40,000 votes. Baker now desperately needs those Trump Loyalists — who he earlier betrayed, thinking Trump would never win.

Multiple sources have confirmed that that Baker has negotiated a deal with the DEMS to ensure his 2018 re- election, as follows: (a) He will tee up a US Senate Candidate against Warren, who has ZERO chance of winning — AND, MORE IMPORTANTLY, a candidate, who ALSO pretends to be a Trumper i.e.Fake Trumper; (b) In return, the DEMS have agreed that they will not put anyone strong against Baker. What’s particularly insidious about this plan is that this Fake Trumper will serve to mislead and corral Trump Loyalists back into the voting booth to support Baker, since the Fake Trumper and Baker will campaign together. The projected goal is: Baker Wins, and The Fake Trumper gets publicity & money (and some other payout down the road).

As was speculated since Trump’s victory, the same establishment GOP officials are fighting tooth and nail to retain power – even if requires back room deals with some of the most vial and vitriolic democrats out there. Elizabeth Warren has positioned herself as not only a mouth piece for the radical left, but has worked to undermine the Trump administration and stir discontent against it since day one. The revelations that she is working alongside Charlie Baker are not as shocking as they are an incredible display of his disloyally to Conservative Americans and the country as a whole.

More to come.

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