Sarah Huckabee Sanders Threatens to End Briefing After Press Pool Obsesses Over Military Trans Ban (VIDEO)

The liberal press pool at the White House has a new obsession. They took a break from obsessing over Russian conspiracy theories to talk about an infinitesimal group of people–transgenders in the military. 

There are bigger problems in this country such as healthcare and jobs, yet the mental midgets in the liberal press pool continue to ask questions about issues most Americans just don’t care about.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders did an on-air press briefing Wednesday. President Trump announced his decision to ban transgenders from serving in the military earlier Wednesday morning for many reasons and the liberals lost their minds.


April Ryan, the White House Correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks brought up the ‘transgender community’ and the concerns they have over completing their sex change operations if Obamacare were to disappear. April Ryan magically tied this to the new military ban.

“What do you say to transgender America who wants to continue their change. Maybe someone has started the change and wants to do the change and are scared about what’s happening now,” April continued.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was clearly frustrated as she had to reiterate once more that this was a MILITARY decision and threatened to end the briefing if the reporters had nothing else to talk about.

GOP Senators were fighting over Obamacare repeal Tuesday night into Wednesday, yet these vapid reporters obsess over ‘transgender America’.

The President banned transgenders from the military. GET OVER IT. MOVE ON.

Video via Washington Free Beacon:

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