BOLLING: Why is Chicago a ‘Warzone’? ‘Liberal Democrats’ to Blame (VIDEO)

Host of Fox News’ “Specialists” Eric Bolling commented Wednesday during his “Wake Up America” segment that Chicago is a “warzone” because of liberal Democrats – he’s not wrong.

Bolling opens the segment with his signature intro before jumping right into the topic, “It’s time to wake up America! My hometown of Chicago, folks, this breaks my heart to say, but Chicago is literally a war zone. Here are the facts . . .”

The facts are: Afghanistan’s population of 32.5 million was hit with 5.9 violent deaths per every 100,000 people. Chicago, with 2.72 million citizens, saw 13.5 violent deaths per every 100,000 people.

Bolling poses the question: “What’s happening?” Bolling goes on to say:

“Liberal Democrats are happening. Mayor Rahm Emanuel is a complete failure, Rahm was in over his head from the get-go . . . At the beginning of his term, Emanuel eliminated the mobile strike force and targeted response units over budget issues. As the violence started to spike, Rahm hired Eddie Johnson, basically a ‘yes-man’, who defended all the foolish liberal policies Rahm could cook up. Rahm, Eddie, and the ACLU placed massive restrictions on how officers were allowed to make contact with suspects. When they do make a perfectly legal stop, officers are required to pump out mounds of bureaucratic paperwork.”

Bolling echoes the frustrations of countless Chicagoans and Americans that continue to watch the rising body count in the city.

Watch Bolling’s eloquent commentary below:

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