The Beautiful Hope Hicks Has Been with POTUS Trump Since Early 2015 – Now Liberal Media Is Targeting Her

President-Elect Donald J. Trump and his team touched down in Alabama in December for the final rally of his thank you tour.

Thousands turned out to see the President-elect at Ladd–Peebles Stadium in Mobile, Alabama.
During the rally President-elect Trump invited his Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway and Press Secretary Hope Hicks on the stage.

Kellyanne Conway was the first successful female presidential campaign manager in history.
Hope Hicks was president elect Trump’s press secretary this past year.

Hope Hicks  is a formal model and women’s lacrosse player.

Hope Hicks started working for Ivanka Trump in 2012. She later moved to Trump Tower to work for Ivanka and model for the online store. Donald Trump hired Hope in January 2015 as his press secretary. Hope Hicks has been with Donald Trump since he announced his candidacy in 2015.

In January Hope Hicks was sworn in as the White House Director of Strategic Communications.

Hope Hicks is one of Donald Trump’s most loyal associates.

This weekend the far left Politico published a hit piece on Hope Hicks in their weekend edition.

In “The untouchable Hope Hicks” Politico attacks this Trump loyalist for standing by the Republican president and defending him from a malignant press that is committed to his destruction.

Via Politico:

She is protected, in a world of rival power centers, by the deep bond she shares with the man at the top. He affectionately refers to her as “Hopester.” She still calls him “Mr. Trump.” And she views her job, ultimately, as someone who is installed where she is in order to help, but not change, the leader of the free world.

But an explosive Trump interview this week with the New York Times, in which Hicks was the only aide in the Oval Office with the president, has thrust her protected and preferred under-the-radar status into fuller view…

Hicks’ sole presence in the office has raised questions about whether she’s helping Trump advance his stated America First agenda – or whether she is simply enabling a president with self-destructive tendencies to hobble the entire administration, and, ultimately, himself…

… “What’s amazing to me is that Hope sat there and let it happen,” said one former top GOP Hill aide. “I have a very different construct on what it means to staff people. You exist because your job is largely to improve otherwise difficult situations. The fact that people around him are not trying to protect the president blows my mind at this level of politics.”

The hit piece by Politico is a perfect example of how the far left media loathes this president and anyone around him.

The media refuses to speak of President Trump’s many accomplishments in his first six months. Instead they continue to describe him as an unhinged tyrant and his aides as weak ass-kissers.

It takes a great deal of personal strength to stand by this president and defend him day in and day out from the constant attacks by the fake news media.

Hope Hicks is an amazing young woman and her commitment to the president has not gone unnoticed.

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