AWFUL: Elderly Man Punched, Knocked Out by Thug in Front of Child at Walgreens (VIDEO)

This is VERY disturbing.
An elderly man was punched and knocked unconscious as he entered a Dania Beach Walgreens in Florida.

The elderly man was knocked out by a black male with dreadlocks as he entered the store.

Authorities are looking for the attacker.

NBC Miami reported:


An elderly man was knocked out outside a Walgreens store in Dania Beach on Fourth of July, and the person behind the violent blows remained on the run, police said.

Broward Sheriff’s Office released surveillance video Monday which shows the violent encounter between Anthony DePaul, 68, and another man, who was walking with a child.

The victim’s son, Armany DePaul, said he was worried when his father never came home the day of the attack.

“I am shocked and like stunned, like, how did this happen? Just like, why did it happen?” said Armany.

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