AWFUL! Bernie Sanders Says GOP Healthcare Bill is Worse Than 9/11 (VIDEO)

This is truly despicable.

At a “Care Not Cuts” rally in Morgantown, WV. on Sunday, Senator Bernie Sanders compared the GOP health care plan to one of the worst things to ever occur on American soil — 9/11.

“Now obviously nobody can predict exactly how many people will die if they lose their coverage. Nobody can make that prediction,” Sanders said to rally goers. “But what experts at the Harvard School of Public Health estimate, is that if 23 million Americans were to be thrown off the insurance they currently have…up to 28,000 Americans every single year could die.”

“That is nine times more than the tragic losses of we suffered on 9/11, every single year,” Sanders said.

The Dominion Post provided details on the event:

Before Sanders took the stage, four locals spoke about how the Affordable Care Act had impacted their lives.

Emily Chilko, an addiction counselor at Chestnut Ridge, said the ACA made getting treatment easier. Prior to the bill, many drug users seeking treatment were turned away simply for not being poor enough to qualify for Medicaid or because their insurance did not cover addiction treatment.

“When the ACA passed, it was like a life preserver in the middle of the opioid crisis,” Chilko said.

Finally, Sanders himself came on stage and was greeted with thunderous applause.

He began his speech by thanking everyone for coming out and thanking the groups that made this rally possible, including the Mountaineers for Progress.

Mountaineers for Progress is a grassroots organization in West Virginia that advocates for progressive policy and community activism. Members were on-site to volunteer and help things run smoothly according to Hayley Harman.

Sanders spoke for about 45 minutes. During that time, he warned of the dangers of the American Health Care Act.

“We’re here today to say that we’re going to do everything possible to make sure this legislation never passes,” Sanders said.


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