Al Gore Ominously Warns Americans To Prepare For “Challenging” Event Happening Soon (VIDEO)

Al Gore is known to make wildly inaccurate predictions on climate change. But that didn’t stop Gore from making yet another major claim. While onThe Late Late Show, the former Vice-President ominously warned Americans to prepare for a “challenging” event that will occur in the near future.

Infowars reports:

During an appearance on The Late Late Show, Gore responded to a joke by host James Corden by asking “to be serious for a moment”.

“I think the next few months may be a little challenging for our country and we best gird ourselves for it – this thing is not going well,” said Gore.

The former Vice-President’s statement may be a reference to continual efforts by the Democratic Party establishment and the deep state to de-legitimize Trump in advance of an attempted impeachment or worse.

Earlier this week, we reported on Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne’s claim that he was told by a senior Republican Congressman that there was a plot to “remove Trump suddenly from office”.

Browne said the plan was to “take the president out,” by a method other than impeachment or indictment.

This week, Gore hustled his new documentary, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, to members of Congress. Rightfully so, not one Republican should up to watch a screening of the film.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote:

Not one Republican lawmaker showed up at Paramount and Participant Media’s special Washington, D.C., screening of Al Gore’s climate change documentary, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, for Capitol Hill, organizers tell The Hollywood Reporter.

All 535 members of Congress were invited to the July 19 event, held less than two miles from the U.S. Capitol at the Newseum. Gore, who did a long stint in Congress before serving as U.S. vice president under Bill Clinton, hosted the gathering, which did succeed in drawing scores of Democrats.

Those attending included California’s Nancy Pelosi, minority leader of the U.S. of Representatives; Sen. Bill Nelson; Sen. Jeff Merkley; former Sen. Barbara Mikulski; Sen. Jeanne Shaheen; Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse; Rep. Steny Hoyer; Rep. Suzanne Bonamici; Rep. Danny Davis; Rep. Debbie Dingell; Rep. Alan Lowenthal; Rep. Carolyn Maloney; Rep. Jim McGovern; Rep. Tom O’Halloran; Rep. Tom Suozzi; and Rep. Paul Tonko. Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee — Gore’s home state — also turned out.


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